Unisex Intense Orgasm Lubricant

The process of female stimulation leading to orgasm depends on much more complex factors than those that come together in the male sexual response. It is not easy to find the right approach to fulfill your desires. This is no guarantee that the same fondling of today's clitoris and vagina will turn her on the same way tomorrow. To fully satisfy your partner, our female orgasmic gels will allow you to discover the best way to accompany her towards powerful clitoral or vaginal orgasms, even if she reacts differently every day. 

The male erection is the symbol of virility and to have good erections a healthy lifestyle is fundamental. To help you get stronger erections, we offer erection gels specially designed to boost the vasodilation of your penis. The erection does not depend only on physiological causes, in most cases it is produced by emotional stress and also for the fear of not achieving a good erection with our partner if in previous situations you had some difficulty. Relax and take some time in the foreplay to prepare yourself with our erection stimulating gel, which you will find in our Unisex Lubricants and Sperm Booster Lubricant departments.

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