The naughty well-being

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If you are reading these lines, then it is surely very important for you to create an atmosphere conducive to your naughty encounters. The sybarites of love seek by all means to relax the atmosphere, so that desires can be expressed without constraint to sublimate the senses.

The importance and usefulness of our sexual urges vary with each culture. For some Eastern civilizations libido or sexual energy is very important, not only for carnal pleasure but also for their spiritual practices. In Tantric or Taoist meditation for example, libido or sexual energy is considered to be the most powerful spiritual “hydrocarbon” that must be refined with specific meditation techniques, in order to raise the consciousness of humanity.

The libido, as powerful as it is fragile, is greatly affected by the stress and concerns that have accumulated throughout the day. In the privacy of our minds these negative thoughts and concerns continue to cycle through our minds, affecting our feelings and cravings by pulling us away from the best version of ourselves.

Fortunately, in your fun times today, you have the opportunity to relax with your partner who will most likely need to get away from all these mundane pressures as much as you do.

A good massage is the best way to relax. Our massage oils are specially designed to awaken the sensations lost due to accumulated fatigue.

Once you are relaxed the magic begins and your desires will be there again. From there you can choose a water-based or silicone lubricant depending on the nature and intensity of your lovemaking, but always safe with our condoms that will allow you to keep all the sensations in these moments of intense pleasure.

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