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The clitoral orgasm, the pleasure it provides !

The clitoral orgasm, the pleasure it provides !


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Clitoral orgasm is different from vaginal orgasm. The process of obtaining it and the sensations and sexual experiences that accompany it are also different for a woman. It is helpful to have the skills and knowledge to help our lovers achieve both types of orgasms during sex. This article lists some useful information that men should know about clitoral orgasm.

There are approximately 6000 nerve endings in the clitoris. These provide pleasure when properly stimulated. They do take a while to get aroused and activated, however, so start off slow and warm up gradually. Some women react differently to stimulation of their clitoris so be careful when starting out. For some women, it is very sensitive to touch. Always make sure you have sufficient lubrication when trying to give your lover a clitoral orgasm. Some common ways to stimulate the clitoris include using your tongue and lips, using your fingers, using sex toys like vibrators that you may find in the sex shop, as well as using certain positions.

The key here is to choose a medium or tool that gives you a good degree of control over the stimulation. Pay close attention to your sexual partner's response, especially non-verbal responses. These will provide you with the necessary clues to guide your next moves.

The pleasure of a clitoral orgasm differs from a vaginal orgasm in several ways. Some women compare clitoral orgasms to a man's orgasm. After one or two such orgasms, the clitoris becomes too sensitive for further stimulation. On the other hand, for many women, vaginal orgasms can last much longer. Some women describe the pleasures of vaginal orgasm as waves. Both types of orgasm provide immense pleasure for a woman, so make sure you have the skills to help your lover achieve both. Some women like to use their fingers to stimulate their clitoris during sex. This is known to allow some women to achieve orgasm when they could not cum through penetrative sex alone.

You might want to try doing this during your sex sessions, i.e. stimulating your lover's clitoris during sex. There are different ways to do this and the more familiar you get, the more skilled you will be. And the more she will appreciate you for it !

Lee Brian is a self-taught practitioner of holistic love, or what he calls “sex as nature intended”. Shy from a young age, he was fortunate enough to have a few older women who showed him the way. He is constantly learning and testing new sexual skills.

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Unfortunately, few men know how to give satisfaction to their partner on this side. They think that sexual intercourse boils down to penetration, foreplay is forgotten.
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