Lingerie, a weapon of seduction

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A little history

Lingerie was not always a reflection of elegance and seduction as it is nowadays, as the use of tunics to cover the female figure was widespread. In antiquity we find the first creation of a piece of lingerie in Greece with the appearance of apodesm, a band of fabric that surrounded the female breast, having evolved during the Middle Ages to become a kind of "gorgerette".

Over the centuries, lingerie continues to evolve slowly. During the rebirth the basquine made its appearance and is at the origin of the current corset. But it was from the 19th century that feminine lingerie began to gain importance.

During the 20th century, lingerie was clearly sexualized to become an object of pleasure and seduction. We remember the remarkable decades of the 1930s and 1960s which revolutionized the fashion and design of the era. The last big change came in the 90s and left an imprint that continues to this day.

Which lingerie to choose?

When it comes to sexy female lingerie there are so many topics to discuss and deal with that we could fill hundreds of pages in our sexy blog. There are so many variables that determine the choice of beautiful sexy lingerie, that it would be really difficult to give a single piece of advice that is valid for all women and in all circumstances.

Today, women's sexy lingerie has become a way of expressing oneself but also an essential weapon in games of seduction. To put it simply, the best advice you could receive would be to do nothing to prevent yourself from choosing your lingerie, to adapt to different occasions depending on your state of mind and that of your partner.

If you like classic trends, you will undoubtedly go for our selection of baskets or corsets, which allow you to elegantly and sensually express all your desires. You will surely accompany your basque with a sexy thong and a bra to create a sexy set of 2 or 3 pieces, without forgetting the touch of elegance of the garter belt that you will always want to add to your choices.

On the other hand, if you want to give an innocent touch to your naughty encounter, a transparent babydoll or baby doll will be ideal to show you under a veil of mystery. You can accompany your nightie with a thong, shorty or even a nice bra if you want to fan your partner's flames even more.

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