How to choose my first sex toy?

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Why buy a sex toy?

Very often we underestimate our full sexual potential and our ability to please ourselves. Our curiosity to discover new frontiers of pleasure within ourselves is the first step to take action. The way we stimulate allows us to discover new sensations but it is limited to our means to get there.

Having more real sensations in your moments of pleasure alone or as a couple justifies the arrival of your new sex toy. From then on, the sex toy becomes an extension of ourselves to stimulate all our erogenous zones more effectively.

How to choose my first sex toy?

The answer depends on which part of your body or that of your partner you want to stimulate. The choice is great and that is why our catalog offers a wide range of female sex toys, male sex toys and mixed sex toys for your games as a couple.

With the female sex toy you have the choice to separately stimulate your clitoris, your vagina and your nipples or if you want you can stimulate all these parts at the same time. Nothing better than female developers, clitoral stimulators, female vibrators and Rabbit vibrators to explore new horizons.

For men looking for very realistic penetrations the masturbator and inflatable doll are ideal with cock rings or cock rings and penis developers to complete the selection.

Among couples, the vibrator, the vibrating egg and the connected geisha balls are very popular today, not to mention the realistic dildos and the anal plug. You are spoiled for choice with us. Need help ? Do not hesitate to contact us to assist you in your first purchase of a sex toy.

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